I am by no means an activist, merely a regular guy who doesn’t think much of the way we have treated the planet. Much of the blame can be heaped on the shoulders of the Baby Boomer generation, of which I am a card carrying member!

It is great to see individuals and companies thinking green. One concept that caught my eye is from an innovative Australian start up, who have created a green eco friendly way to search the internet. ecocho.com.au is a revolutionary site that offsets greenhouse gas emissions by sponsoring the growth of up to two trees for every 1000 searches users of the site make. This may not seem much, but gestures like this could go a very long way to curbing the CO2 emissions problem.

Ecocho is the brainchild of Tim Macdonald. In a press prelease from the company he had this to say

“In Australia alone, we conduct close to 800 million Internet searches each month and if we could capture just one per cent of that traffic, we would make a significant contribution towards lowering the impact of harmful greenhouse gas emissions”.

The concept behind ecocho is to invest 70% of the sites revenue in carbon-offset credits  through the New South Wales Government Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme (GGAS) and KPMG will check the acquisition, registration and retirement of the carbon credits.

Ecocho is not content with just Australia, the site was launched in 14 countries and it is Tim Macdonald’s plan to enter into similar carbon-offsetting schemes around the globe.

Here is a way that every internet user can help the environment at no cost. Ecocho is based around the Yahoo search engine and there is no interference with the result set.

To give you an example of you successful they have been, on April/22 the site received over 70,000 hits. That equates to 140 trees! Way to go Tim!

So next time you need to search the internet, why not give them a try www.ecocho.com after all what have you got to lose but CO2 emissions.

Simon Barrett


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