This is a news update from our good friend TJ Hart. The Sky 97.3 has consistently been the station to break news in the Haleigh Cummings case.  Having spent countless hours talking to TJ I know, his commitment, and I share his frustration. This is his latest update.  Simon.

Five-year-old Haleigh Cummings has been missing since February 10, 2009, when she was reported taken from her father’s home in Satsuma, Florida in the care of his 17-year-old girlfriend–now teen bride, Misty Croslin-Cummings.

The results of the second roundtable meeting with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and others involved in the search for this missing girl is expected soon.  The first roundtable meeting nearly a month ago produced the surprising information that several pieces of evidence previously gathered by techs had not yet been analyzed.

Since then, a search of the Baker County farm where Haleigh’s mom, Crystal Sheffield,  lives with her mother, Marie Griffis, took place in late June turning up nothing more than animal bones.

That search– at the request of the family– involving 43 officers, some cadaver dogs and a diver for some ponds on the property did take that area of the list of possible places where Haleigh could be.

Over 4000 leads have come into the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, so they do have a lot of information to go through.

Law enforcement has been very tight-lipped about the Haleigh Cummings case recently other than the information released on that search and the results of the first roundtable discussion of the case.

Putnam County Sheriff’s officials have said repeatedly that no one has been cleared in the investigation. They have also repeated their frustration with Misty Cummings and her inability to provide a consistent timeline for the night Haleigh disappeared.

The only people with anything possibly new on the case are a few bloggers and a private investigator who is embroiled in a legal battle over charges of false imprisonment of an alleged child sexual predator who was out on bail.

Some of private investigator William “Cobra” Staubs’ new leads in the case are very eye-opening and each are very much worth following in detail.  The trouble is getting the all-important verification on the validity of some of the claims made by his informants. Nobody wants to give it up.

Just when there is a hot lead to pursue, the trail suddenly stops with either an arrest or the informant(s) gets cold feet.

It is also fair to say that about 95% of these informants are just individuals who looking for a way to interject themself into a national story and wind up having no real evidence.

Some of our other more credible sources tell The Sky that there may have been a change in the lead investigator into the Haleigh case. We shall see if this is true.

TJ Hart

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