High water from the storm is causing a problem for the search led by Texas Equusearch for little Caylee Anthony. The director of the search team, Tim Miller said the suspension of the search is only temporary. They will return to the search to find Caylee as soon as the conditions improve.

Miller said that he was worried that the searchers vehicles could possibly run over Caylee’s body if she was lying somewhere under the flood waters so he doesn’t want to compromise any evidence,

They did have quite a turn out of volunteers prepared to start searching today, The team has been looking for Caylee for 10 days now. The more recent area being near the airport where they think Casey might have gone around the time Caylee first disappeared.

Groups of protesters have gathered in front of the Anthony home holding signs and at time screaming out things towards the Anthony’s since Casey Anthony was released from jail last week. Now I can understand their frustrations, because I am frustrated too with all of this but I don’t agree with how some of these protesters are bringing their children along with them to participate.

Some of the protesting has ended in violence which has caused Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary to call for an end to the protesting, He says when they are called out by neighbors complaining they are taking away resources they could be using to find Caylee.

“There are two sides to every story and we don’t need that kind of battling going on. So I’m asking the community to calm down a little bit, focus on one thing… Caylee Anthony, that’s the main focus,” said Beary. “That’s always been the main focus and it needs to continue to be the main focus.”

Beary is asking anyone that knows anything about this case to please come forward even though Casey Anthony may be the missing part to this puzzle.

Meanwhile at the Anthony home security cameras have been installed around the house, where Casey is staying. I  guess the Anthony’s feel the need to be protected more since the crowds have been gathering outside their home. I do find it strange that they suddenly have all this money that they never had before.

If the Anthony’s have come into some money suddenly and they are still insisting that Caylee is somewhere in Texas or Puerto Rico then how come they aren’t on a plane going there to look for her instead of worrying about bailing their brat daughter out of jail. They can’t possibly use the excuse that Casey needs to be out of jail so she can help them search for Caylee like they did before since Casey never lifted a finger or volunteered to give any information to help in the search. All she did was work on another story to give the police about what happened which I am sure is another lie.

Why is it up to the public to go to Texas or Puerto Rico to find Caylee, which would probably only be another wild goose chase to take the focus away from where they are searching for her now. If George and Cindy really believe their brat’s new story then they should be the ones heading that way to search. It looks to me like they think it is more important for them to stay home to spoil and pamper their brat than it is to find Caylee.

Leonard Padilla stated on CNN’s Nancy Grace that he is personally offering a $50,000 award to anyone that can lead him to Caylee. “Let’s hope he was serious and that someone will take him up on this offer so this nightmare can end for the world. Caylee needs to be found and laid to rest properly so she can rest in peace.

Our prayers are with you Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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