Jenise Paulette WrightThe family claims they put little Jenise Paulette Wright to bed Saturday night and that is the last time the child has been seen. The next morning when they got up they noticed Jenise was missing from her room but didn’t become alarmed or concerned because she had done this numerous other times. She liked wandering about around the neighborhood and apparently the family thought nothing of it since the neighborhood felt relatively safe as it was a fenced in property. It was Sunday night before they reported the little girl missing.

According to Kitsap County Deputy Scott Wilson, Child Protection Services have removed the two other children from the home, a 12 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. According to Wilson, there are two parents living in the home in a blended family. Also two other offspring adults and a 16 year old that is out of town also live there.

Wilson said the girl missing is strange. He said they don’t suspect this to be an abduction from the house. He said right now they are focusing on search and rescue. The search began at around 1:30 am Monday morning. There are deputies along with volunteers searching in and around the Steele Creek Mobile Home Park where the family lives in East Bremerton Washington, which is on the west side of Puget Sound, across from Seattle. They had cleared the park and were searching later in the surrounding neighborhood and the wooded area.

Jenise is described as being 3 ft tall and she weighs about 45 pounds. She has black hair.

The Authorities are asking that if anyone has any information that can lead them to this little girl to please call 011 right away or they can call the Kitsap County Sheriff’s at 360-308-5400.

I pray that this soon to be first grader will be found safe and that she will be returned to her home. I still don’t understand how anyone could possible be unconcerned that their 6 year old little girl was out wandering around in the neighborhood. In this day and time a child, especially one so young should never be wandering around alone. It is just too dangerous. I hope her parents will think twice before they allow this again. Please God watch over this little girl.

Jan Barrett

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