Jason Whitlock, Sports Writer at the KC Star and FoxSports is Angry

Taylor was a Victim of the Black KKK 

Whitlock Dishes Out Strong Medicine 
Sean Taylor was sometimes called “half-man, half-beast” for his unbelievably hard hits.

Two days ago, the part of Taylor that was a man lost his battle with a beast with a gun.

Because of his prowess at football, Taylor, free safety for the Washington Redskins, was a young, well-known black man. The funeral won’t be long over before the usual suspects use his death to try and advance whatever line they’re selling that day.

Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star and weekly columnist at Fox Sports.com writes an angry piece and it’s well it was read. “Taylor’s Death a Grim Reminder to Us All” is well worth reading in its entirety. It might make you think about things that have been said before in a new way.

You don’t have to be a sports fan to feel the power his anger at another needless death brings to the piece. You also need not be a sports fan to recognize what he says is true.

One thing that stands out is his condemnation of the Black KKK.

The unique perspective he offers is one you may never have considered before.

There’s a reason I call them the Black KKK. The pain, the fear and the destruction are all the same.

Someone who loved Sean Taylor is crying right now. The life they knew has been destroyed, an 18-month-old baby lost her father, and, if you’re a black man living in America, you’ve been reminded once again that your life is in constant jeopardy of violent death.

The Black KKK claimed another victim, a high-profile professional football player with a checkered past this time.

No, we don’t know for certain the circumstances surrounding Taylor’s death. I could very well be proven wrong for engaging in this sort of aggressive speculation. But it’s no different than if you saw a fat man fall to the ground clutching his chest. You’d assume a heart attack, and you’d know, no matter the cause, the man needed to lose weight.

Whitlock then brings the hammer down–hard.

Read the rest of the story:

Sean Taylor: Victim of the Black KKK 


Sean Taylor: Victim of the Black KKK

Taylor’s Death a Grim Reminder to Us All

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