Everyone that is a reader of BNN has heard of Sean Krause, while he never penned a word for us he was a stalwart on our radio talk show on Sundays. He likely was one the most knowledgeable people outside of Law Enforcement on the sad Caylee Anthony case. When almost all of the media had turned on the entire Anthony family, Sean took the high road, at the time there was little other than innuendo and stupidity by mother Casey Anthony.

Sean took a different route to the Main Stream Media, he reached out to the family. No he was not a trained news hound, he did not have a degree in journalism, he was just a guy that cared. I know that Sean spoke to Caylee Anthony’s grand mother Cindy Anthony a number of times. Cindy was sure that Caylee was still alive. While the MSM through people like Nancy Grace pounded relentlessly day after day, Sean still maintained an even keel.

I started talking to Sean shortly after he suddenly changed sides, he moved from defense Linebacker to offense Quarterback. The reason for the change was the evidence. The evidence was becoming overwhelming. Sean always did everything at 150%, now he was running for the offense.

As we all know Sean died two days ago. Even though he had changed sides, even Cindy Anthony had the good graces to offer condolences. A simple thing, but one that I found quite touching, even enemies can afford the low cost of good manners.

Of course the Internet is at best the online version of the Wild West, good taste is something that is an anathema to some web sites. Interestingly enough I spent today reading a book about Copyright, so I am going to use this quote with no attribution, but if you really want to find the site email Jan.

BTW, Sean Krause who once played like he was a friend of the Anthony family, then turned around and sought his 15 minutes of fame in the case, has died. Hopefully, he was cremated and flushed…his opinions smelled just like raw sewage.

What a f’ing idiot this woman is! I am incensed that someone could write something like this. Last night I got to talk to his sister in law, and two of his brothers. This woman is nothing more than an uninformed idiot.

Simon Barrett


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