Sean Krause was our friend, it somehow seemed a fitting way to laud his achievements by hosting a radio show about him. But it was with a heavy heart that I scheduled the show. My wife Jan spent the entire afternoon in tears. Somehow in the few months that we had known Sean he had woven his way into our hearts. We never met him, we knew him from email, phone calls, and his time spent with us on the radio.

Jan told me yesterday that some of Sean’s fans, yes he had fans, were planning to light candles at 8pm EST today. I don’t know why, but I said, ‘lets to a radio show, an opportunity for those people to share their thoughts’.

We did the show, not only did we have his fans, but his friends and family as well. Everyone had something to say about this rambunctious young fireball.

His sister in law Maria called in to assure us all that Sean’s web site thedailybs is being put back online and that she and fellow writer Rickilynn will be continuing Sean’s dream. Anyone that knew Sean knew his passion for this web site.

Not all of the show was downbeat, David Lohr of Discovery certainly introduced some humor with his tale about linking to thedailybs, or rather the reasons not to.

Jan offered a few short comments, all the while I was watching the tears falling down her face. In fact she spent the entire show crying, yet laughing at the stories being told.

Our good friend Pickles also shared her thoughts, Pickles likely knew Sean as well as any of us at Blogger News.

Sean’s friend Barbie who he met through the Caylee Anthony case shared her thoughts, as did Sean’s brothers Joe and Eugene.

We had lots of other callers as well. Sean Krause may have only been 25 years old, but he certainly has left his mark!

This is the first time I have ever done an unscripted radio show. I had no idea what would happen, but everything happened just the way it should.

Sean it is hard to say goodbye. You will forever be in our hearts. I will offer some sage advice though, rumor has it that you might want to temper the language a little where you are now. However us mere mortals can continue in our earthly ways. I’ll leave this article with a Sean Krause quote, one that our friend Pickles seems to particularly like:

Go F*ck yourself Jose Baez

You can listen to the entire show here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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