It is with great sadness that Jan and I pen this story. Although we had known Sean for only a short time, a meager few months, he had become a part of the Blogger News Network family. Jan and I had become to think of Sean as a rambunctious son.

Alas Sean Krause lost his battle with cancer at 2:55am today. There will be no more cuss words, and no more Cindy Anthony impressions on our radio show.

Sean was a person that left an impression. It was often radical, but it was always from the heart. Sean did not beat around the bush, Sean told it the way it was. Although armed with a foul mouth, Sean was also fully equipped with a sharp mind, and the ability to draw you into his wonderful way of thinking.

He likely is best well known for his coverage of the very sad Caylee Anthony story. Sean Krause went the extra mile on this story. He extended the hand of friendship to the Anthony family when few would.  His argument was that a trial in the court of public opinion was unfair.

After one too many bizarre events involving the Anthony family Sean changed his position, he became a critic. A well informed critic.

Sean Krause became a fixture and fitting on our weekly radio show. The regular panel became Jan, Pickles, Sean and myself. People were shocked with his language! It was a lesson in expletives, and new explorations in the usage of the English language! But he was so good at it. All three of us became friends with Sean, he very much was part of our extended family.

We here at Blogger News would like to encourage everyone to join us at 8pm EST on Tuesday February/24, to light a candle, and think of Sean. We all miss you.

Even though Sean was a little rough and tumble, he was a wonderful guy, he had a heart of gold, he would help anyone.

Jan and I were talking to his good friend and fellow journalist David Lohr earlier today, David is a pretty straight shooter, he helps cover the crime beat for Discovery, he received a text message from Cindy Anthony expressing her condolences for the passing of Sean Krause. He also received a phone call from one of the lead investigators in the Caylee Anthony case expressing a very similar sentiment.

Sean may be gone, but he is far from forgotten.

A few weeks ago Sean, Jan and I were discussing a book. That book may still get written, and if it does, it will be to celebrate the life of this brave young 25 year old man.

Jan and I have decided to schedule a radio show to coincide with tomorrow’s candle lighting, and we invite you to join us. If you go to  a few minutes before 8PM EST you will find the link on the main page. Please take the time to call in and share your thoughts about Sean. If you can’t join us on the radio show please leave a comment on this article in honor of Sean.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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