I caught Fox spew master Sean Hannity’s hate radio program for the first time this afternoon. It was a delight to hear him label Barack a terrorist and boast in the same breath, he’s been invited to join Governor Palin and her running mate on the campaign plane.

It tells us the Senior Senator from Arizona is one step away from appointing the grand wizard of the KKK as a media surrogate. Sean Hannity senator? You have to ask, just how far off the mental reservation is John going to travel in his quest to be President.
Sean Hannity is one of the few FOX personalities who rarely reads from scripted commentary or off the teleprompter. As John Mc Cain rightly deserves a pass on being Internet literate, because he is unable to use a key board for long periods owing to war injuries, Sean is illiterate in the traditional sense.

A fact which makes his status as the second most popular conservative broadcaster all the more impressive an accomplishment. Only in America can a fellow barely able to spell his own name, become a best selling author or the wife of a former card carrying secessionist the GOP vice presidential candidate. This afternoon Sean was tasked with connecting the dots of terror and evil for his huge fan base of mouth breathers.

Seems in addition to his personal responsibility for the economic meltdown and global warming, Barrack is the anti-Christ. Doubtless a talking point revealed to Governor Palin by her witch hunting Pastor.

The McCain folks have dropped all pretenses of civility or even good manners and decided the single hope remaining for victory is the Manchurian attack. The Manchurian tactic has many variants but is essentially an attempt to expose your opponent as a secret supporter of those who are sworn enemies of God, country and the American way of life.

The Manchurian message worked in reverse against Barry Goldwater, democrats convinced America Goldwater was too patriotic, too eager to blow the world up to stop the red menace. Nixon used a variant of the Manchurian against George McGovern’s first VP pick in 72, and its still used quite effectively in State house races if the polls stagnate.

On a national level unless you can present some morsel of truth to your charges, you become the nasty guy America is really glad it didn’t elect. I can only stomach a few minutes of folks like Hannity, so I didn’t stayed tuned to hear the evidence of how Barrack was directly responsible for the attacks of 9-11.

But I have little doubt by the final week of the campaign, The McCain campaign will have presented the uncontroverted truth that Barack Obama was actually the one who slew Abel and blamed Cain.

Should the smears fail to grow legs, John McCain quickly becomes the Bob Dole of 2008, a tired looking old racist who spent the final weeks spewing nothing but ugly towards his level headed opponent. The Captain Quig candidate obsessing on Bill Ayers as the economy flounders.

Perhaps like Bob Dole, John will score a post election Viagra contract, I can picture John exiting the Viagra express bus. Friends I may not be President, but I can offer you some straight talk on erectile dysfunction, Sure I didn’t win the white house but with Viagra trust me I’m still the commander-in-chief at the McCain house.

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With folks like Sean Hannity scoring front seats in the straight talk express, I can comfortably call the election, Obama in a landslide.Â

P.S. BurtonÂ

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