In what has to be the biggest miscarriage of justice since the silly OJ Simpson trial, the three police officers, that between them managed to pump 50 rounds into the unarmed Sean Bell walk free!

This case invites many questions. Obviously the question of the police being above the law comes in at the number one spot. Most books that I have read are pretty clear that only one shot is enough to dispatch even the gravest of criminals. These guys used 50! One has to wonder about their training. And you can rest assured that I will not be inviting them to any of my parties unless there is a off shift airport screener yo make sure they are not packing.

Of particular interest is the judge, who clearly needs a vacation from the bench. In fact I think he should be fired and find alternative employment, maybe as a Wal-Mart greeter, or cart retriever, well lets face it, he obviously is not cut out for the legal world. Justice Cooperman must be an idiot!

“The people have not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that each defendant was not justified in shooting”, he said, but 50 rounds? Either the cops are really bad shots, or they are a little over zealous.

So here we are, 18 months after the senseless death of a man, hours before his wedding. A marriage that never happened, a wife that was never will be, two kids that have no father, and parents that have no son. Obviously Justice Cooperman took the same correspondence course as Lance Ito. All it takes is a 1-800 call, the number can be found on the back flap of a book of matches, some money, and you  can be a judge as well.

Even if Sean Bell had been armed, would 50 shots be called for? I doubt it.

The egregious actions of Michael Oliver, 36, Gescard Isnora, 29, and Marc Cooper, 40, make you really wonder not only about the police, but society in general. While it is OK to have a senile old coot as a judge, well you never know when you might need one! I am less than happy that the trio of ‘Rambetts’ are walking our streets. I’ll bet they have a great bedside manner “Show me your ID or I’ll blow you away with 50 rounds” .

Simon Barrett


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