If you have ever spent any time in San Diego there is a good chance that you have visited the uber rich area of La Jolla. The first time I ventured into this little mecca of over indulgence I was aghast. I had never seen so many exotic cars, Lambos, Beamers, and Mercedes were everywhere. The 16 year old teens were driving convertible Cabriolets and Mustangs. My humble Ford rental car seemed completely out of place.

OK, that was more than 20 years ago, but I doubt that much has changed since then. La Jolla it seems has a bit of a problem, these days it stinks. The root cause of the problem according to a law suit filed is Sea Lion poop. Some reports claim that the problem is that the Sea Lions are feeding on Anchovies. Alex Roth, a spokesman for interim Mayor Todd Gloria, had this comment:

The smell is probably more pungent recently because the sea lions have been snacking on anchovies.

Without doubt this is my favorite law suit of the year. It raises many questions. Is a city responsible for the activity of local wildlife? Should a portion of property taxes be used to deal with Sea Lion poop?

You can read the whole gruesome story here.

Unfortunately La Jolla will most likely win. Money beats need every single time. San Diego will cave in to the request and go on to a huge Sea Lion poop removal project at the tax payers expense. It is a shame that the Obama stimulus has ended. This would make for the perfect ‘shovel ready’  project!  And no doubt part of the deal would have included a million dollar Sea Lion poop disposal facility.

Yup, that sure sounds like San Diego!

Each year millions of stupid law suits are filed, but 2013 will be remembered for this one. Sea Lions need to eat, and they need to poop. Is suing a city the way to go? It will be fun to see what happens in Sea Lion poop v City of San Diego.

Simon Barrett

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