At the Cricket World Cup, on day six, S. Dhaniram of Canada emerged as the NCR Player of the day. (NCR=Naavi Cricket Rating).

With Australia taking on Netherlands and England taking on Canada, there was little expectation of any upsets today. As expected, Australia overcame Netherlands by a good margin while England had to struggle a little to win against Canada. Of course England were without Flintoff who had been dropped for disciplianry reasons.

From the NCR View (Naavi Cricket Rating) Leede of Netherlands was the NCR centurion of the match in which his two wickets at an economy rate of 4 as against the team’s overall economy rate of 7.1 gave him a good  76 NCR points which got amplified to 99 due to the weightage fctor of difficulty represented by the Australian batting.

Though on a plain observation, Australian Hodge was the deserving player of the match with a score of 123 in 89 balls. Under NCR scheme, the Australians set an overall target rate of  7.1 runs per over or nearly 1.2 runs per ball. Hodge’s contribution in this was 89 balls each at a rate of 1.4 runs per over. He therefore got a bonus of 18 points and took his tally to 141 points. However since the performance was against Netherland bowling whose difficulty level was weighted at 0.4, Hodge’s NCR rating got reduced to 76. In otherwords his contribution in the context was less valuable than that of Leede and hence he could not be the NCR hero of the match.

In the England Vs Canada match again it was the Canadian player Dhaniram who became the NCR hero ahead of the ICC player of the match Collingwood. Collingwood scored 62 of 48 balls but Dhaniram took 3 wickets at an economical rate and also contributed with the bat to tally an impressive 124 NCR points for the day. This took him to the top of the chart of two match players with a total of 150 NCR points above N OBriuen. The top 5  NCR players at the end of the day six were as follows:

Rank Points



1 150 S Dhaniram Canada


Niall O’Brien

3 103 Brad Hodge Australia
  103 TBM de Leede Netherlands
4 95 P Nixon England
5 92 Brad Hogg Australia

We may however remember that the following four first round leaders are breathing down the neck of the above players since they are yet to play their second matches.

Rank Rating Player Country
1 142 S B Styris New Zealand
2 134 DR Smith West Indies
3 112 Bravo West Indies
4 103 M Mortaza Bangladesh

On the front of Villains, H Osinde of Canada now occupies the lowest rank amongst the two match players.

We may watch the consolidated rankings at the end of the second round to get the correct picture of leaders and laggards.


March 19, 2007

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