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The surprises seem to be endless these days when it comes to hit T.V Sitcom ‘Scrubs’. Already this month we have been informed that the show will not only be making a channel switch, but will also soon be losing it’s lead doctor and picking up another ‘friend’.

Since NBC announced that it will be dropping it’s broadcasting of ‘Scrubs’, rumours have been floating around the media circuit concerning which channel will pick up the upcoming eight season of ‘Scrubs’. It has now been confirmed that ABC will be taking on board the medical comedy, providing new opportunities for the seemingly-immortal show.

Though Season 8 of the show has not yet premiered, it seems thoughts are already going to a ninth season.

According to ABC entertainment president Stephen McPherson, there is “great opportunity” for continuing ‘Scrubs ‘after the upcoming eighth season.

“There’s a great opportunity for growth there,” McPherson commented, “Hopefully it will not be a one season situation.”

Though it seems that there will be a definite ninth season of the hit show, according to Braff there will only be one more season of J.D.

Latest reports have asked fans of the prestigious show to prepare themselves for the departure of the show’s leading man Zach Braff – who plays doctor John Dorian (aka J.D).

“This has been an amazing year,” Braff told OK!. “I really thought this would be the last year. I would love to come back and visit and direct some episodes and do craft service if they need help.”

So with all the bad news out of the way, it’s good news time and do I have some for you. ‘Friends’ star Courteney Cox will soon be picking up some ‘scrubs’ for her several-episode stint.

Cox will play the chief of medicine andm according to Scrubs producer Lawrence, she will play it well. He comments, “We’d have her back in a heartbeat. She’s hilarious and a great actress.”

Braff summed up the joyous reaction of the cast to the news, saying: “Everybody was psyched. She’s a TV comic legend and she’s having a lot of fun. There’s no hazing involved. We’re nice to the new fancy people!”

Lawrence went on to add that whilst the rest of the cast was meeting the press today, Cox was back at the hospital set “with her face jammed into a fake bloody corpse in a fantasy as if she lives in some guy’s stomach.”

“She’s a gamer, up for anything,” he said, recalling saying goodbye to the actress, “with goo all over her face, she’s like, (cheerful voice), ‘see you tommorow!”

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