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There was a point – original, madly creative, sometimes poignant and always amusing to Scrubs in previous seasons – alas; the deep well of comic mojo can definitely be diagnosed as having gone dry in the final season. Farewell – and so passes the relative glory that was seasons 1 through 8 of Scrubs. Mind you, there are still flashes of wit, and a collection of new med-school students floundering their way through relations personal, medical and scholastic . . . but it all seems perfunctory, as if they had just reworked scenes from old scripts. A handful of the old regulars, notably the irascible Dr. Cox and the former sidekick Turk (John C. McGinley and Donald Faison) are still hanging in, but in an enervated fashion, as if they are just going through the motions. Possibly the show might have been workable, if more of the new faces had been introduced and the old ones phased out gradually, but season 9 starts abruptly and then ends even more abruptly. It’s as if the plug was pulled between one week and the next. It seems as if the show really ended very satisfactorily at the end of Season 8, but carried on with a few bitter-enders and then lost interest all together after half a season when it became apparent that the lightening could not be caught in the jar once more time.
The extras are perfunctory – the funniest is about the golf cart.

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