Scrubs, season 7

At the end of seven years at Sacred Heart, wouldn’t it be about time that all the once-new interns grew up a little? Ah well, M*A*S*H went on for several times longer than the Korean War actually lasted, so much can be forgiven in the name of consistently screwball comedy seamlessly intermingled with truly poignant dramatic moments. This seventh season was truncated by the writers’ strike, and there truly do seem to be some curious gaps in the overall story arc… stories left incomplete, and whole characters and situations that are essentially left hanging in mid-air, with only eleven episodes in the season. There are a couple of funny ongoing bits, never developed – the female intern with a voice so helium-high that the eternally sarcastic Dr. Cox doesn’t even want to listen to her speak, and some off-again-on-again-off-again romance between an assortment of couples that seems to just fizzle into the off-position out from lack of interest.

There was only one razzle-dazzle all-stops out and over the top episode; one of those which heads into the surreal for the entire length of the episode, instead of just momentary lurches in that direction. “My Princess” – was told as a magical fairy tale sequence and appropriatly showcased among the extra features as a “making of” sequence. Other extras included the obligatory alternate lines, deleted scenes and bloopers, most of which make you wonder why they weren’t used instead, being at least as funny as what was included in the broadcast. Anyone who has followed the show from the first season will want this, just to round out the collection. Scrubs – Season 7 will be available November 18th, at Amazon and other retail outlets.

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