The classic C.S. Lewis book, The Screwtape Letters, is going to be made into a film.

Well, if it is done right it should be good, as long as it’s not preachy. The book is…how do I put this…funny… but hits the mark in a “uh oh” manner where we see our own faults exposed.

The good news is that Ralph Winter, who did the Fantastic Four, will be the producer. This is good, since it means he has experience in superheros/fantasy and comic books, so should be able to produce an enjoyable popular movie.
But is there a need for pyrotechtics and CGI demons? After all, the “hero” is an ordinary young man who is confronted with World War II, finds comfort in religion, falls in love, and dies heroically in the Blitz. The rest of the plot is the devil trying to get him to fall in the ordinary mundane boring sins of everyman…

Indeed, as FilmChatBlog writes: “More importantly, will the demons be portrayed as bureaucrats or as the more stereotypically ghoulish creatures that one sees in horror films?”

Hmmm…Bureaucrats. Now, that’s an idea….but I suspect not, since ghouls are easier to portray than the really evil people in the world…

I mean, why is there five million movies on Jason or Hannibal Lector, but not one about the Gulag or the Laogai, and of the thousands of faceless bureaucrats who ran these places?

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines with her husband. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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