Screen Captures is a feature written by…me. The fancy description says it studies the various “teaser” headlines found on cable news outlets, reports on them and analyzes them for bias or note-worthy content.


But really, I just want to look at what they’re putting on the screen and see what’s good and what’s garbage.


* Thursday, March 8, 2007:


“Helping or Hurting?” (about Dick Cheney)– CNN. This story featured a review of events that might make Dick Cheney less of an asset to the GOP and the administration– including the Libby trial, of course. It included an interview with TIME’s Michael Duffy, who—surprise!—has an article this week questioning whether Cheney is helping or hurting the administration. Even though it asks a question, this headline and it’s corresponding story leaves little doubt as to the expected answer.

“Anna’s Final Act”–Fox News. This story discussed the final hours of Anna Nicole Smith, but the headline is terribly misleading. Regardless of how she spent her last day, there will be many more acts to follow on cable news outlets, which seem to “find” a new story about her every hour. As viewers we can only hope that the final act is in sight…but it probably isn’t.

“Corn Cure?”—Fox News. An interesting piece about an ethanol pant. I included it because cable news loves alliteration, so it would be wrong not to include at least one example.   


“The Right Stuff”—MSNBC.  This story was about the field of GOP potential candidates for President in 2008. The headline uses a positive phrase to discuss Republicans, who often lean to the “right” politically. Someone tell Bill O’Reilly that this NBC outlet didn’t show any liberal bias this time.


“Bull on the Loose”—Headline News. The story is about, predictably, a bull that got loose. I’m not sure what I was expecting: Should “Headline News” feature witty and entertaining headlines, or direct, no-nonsense recaps of the stories? I hope it’s the latter because this one was pretty boring, if accurate.

More to come.  

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