Blogging from Phoenix: Memo to some of my more paranoid sisters and brothers on the left, worried about a right wing plot to steal the election even at this late date, RELAX.

Harvard trained lawyer and future President Barack Obama, is discovering what happens when you insult a sitting supreme court Justice on National television. The frivolous challenge to President Elect Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship, being discussed in conference by the high court, has nothing what so ever to do with the possibility, the results of the election could be changed.

Anyone who is not a federalist or graduate of Pat Robertson’s bible law and typewriter repair academy, knows the suite lacks merit on its face. So just why did Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas place the issue on the Court’s docket; despite the fact Justice David Souter rejected it last month, prior to Election Day, when it actually could have caused all kinds of mischief?

The type of motion being considered, called an application, only provides relief prior to voting day. Sadly even some lawyers who act as media pundits, have confused the public, the court could not overturn the election results, even if they decided to hear the case.

What’s really going on here, is candidate Barack Obama, went out of his way to insult Clarence Thomas in a fashion only those with law degrees can appreciate, He made a point of saying Clarence Thomas, was an example of the kind of person, he would never appoint to the high court, if elected President and he did so on National Television.

For those unfamiliar with the facts, the high court has decided whether to consider hearing a New Jersey case, which makes the claim the president-elect failed to demonstrate prior to the election, he is a natural born U.S. citizen, as required by the Constitution.

In Donofrio v.Wells, Attorney Leo C. Donofrio filed a case against the New Jersey Secretary of State who certified Obama as the official democratic candidate; New Jersey’s Supreme Court promptly threw the case out, which allowed Donofrio to continue the process of appealing to higher courts.

The crux of Donofrio claim if your interested, challenges President Elect Obama’s citizenship, it claims because his father was a Kenyan national, despite the fact Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii and his Mother in Kansas, Mr Donofrio still feels the nationality of Mr. Obama’s father makes him a dual citizen, not natural born as required by Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution,”

Which brings us back to Obama’s insult of Thomas, Does it merit the degree of attention and umbrage Justice Thomas evidently feels, Since the other court members failed to deny the application on Friday and picking it up after Justice Souter rejected it was unusual to begin with.

I would say at least conservative members of the court, must feel Obama, a lawyer held to a higher degree of civility when discussing other members of the profession, went out of his way to voice disrespect for the judicial temperament and character of a sitting supreme court justice during the campaign.

As for me, I share the opinion of many who feel the Court lost all credibility and respect eight years ago.

That’s my view yours may be different.


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