After many experts at first mistakenly assumed that the face actually belonged to that strange old fat broad neighbor lady from downstairs, Scottish forensic scientist Kate Connolly has confirmed that the face she just reconstructed in Germany is none other than the one that once belonged to the legendary and long dead baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

Using Bach’s death mask, a “laser”, and other super-ultra-mega-modern technology, Connolly not only reconstructed the face in record time, she and those who hired her made good on their threat and have now unveiled it to the public, as well. Already having reconstructed the faces of Pharaoh Ramses II and Santa Claus (some call him Saint Nicholas), she is confident that Bach’s new face is 70% accurate.

“Like, this is likely the most likely likeness of someone like Bach the world has ever known,” a spokesman for the group of mad scientists at the Bach Haus museum in Eisenach near Berlin said. “You like?”

Rumor has it that Connolly, thoroughly disgusted by the result of the project, has rushed back to Scotland where she can now get back to more upbeat and criminal investigative work.

She went bach to the basics.

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