A Scottish council has been fined the equivalent of thousands of dollars as a result of asbestos related violations according to recent report. The fine was imposed upon Edinburgh City Council, and the local authority was fined the equivalent of twenty three thousand dollars as a result of the violations.

According to reports work was being carried out at a school in the area, which was Castlebrae Community High School. As a result of the violations around ten city employees are said to have been exposed to asbestos during the course of the project.

and was also found to have failed to protect its workers. Reports claim that workers had to cut a hole in the floor, and this exposed asbestos. The employees were only given safety equipment halfway through the project.

One official said: “When they finished cutting the hole in the first door, they were concerned about the level of white dust and opened large roller doors to allow the dust to blow out into the car park. During this time there were around 10 employees present in the workshop, at least three of whom were very close to the work.”

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