While this may not appeal to the Hummer or Escalade crowd, the Scoot Coup certainly has some big things going for it, 70mpg for one. While it likely would not be a big seller in the ‘soccer mom’ market, it only seats two, it certainly shows some innovation.

The Scoot Coup is open air, and as far as I can tell there is no ‘soft top’ that is available, so it likely would have limited appeal in areas of the country that have ‘weather’, but, with a miserly 49cc engine and a top speed of 45 MPH it puts it in the Moped class, cheap to run, and circumnavigates many states licensing requirements. A license for a 49cc engine is a rubber stamp in many places.

This would be a fun little toy to bounce around town in during the summer. Essentially it is a reworked 49cc Scooter that has been transformed into a three wheeler. The single drive wheel being located at the rear.

There are a number of sites talking about this fun unit, and at least one of them is claiming they have it ready to ship. The 49cc version coming in at a bank account numbing $5,500. I have to admit that I think this is a little steep.

I did locate a YouTube video of the beast in action. I would have to say that if you are planning on doing any grocery shopping, you should travel alone, you will need the passenger seat to store your Ramen Noodles, and Mac & Cheese purchases. You will be eating Ramen quite a lot having expended $5,500 on the ‘thing’.

Fun, but I think I will pass.

Simon Barrett


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