The ability to discover new musical talent is one of the great pleasures of living in Los Angeles. Two years ago, a friend introduced me to Sco – Thaina, Thayana, and Thaisa –the strikingly beautiful triplets from Brazil. At the time, their act was known as T-Rio, and their first album sold over two million copies worldwide.

The ladies are now living in America and are in the midst of a re-branding taking on their family name initials Sco, writing new music, shooting a video, and aiming for a prime position at the 2014 World Cup. I sat down with them this week to discuss their creative process, and discovered their boundless optimism and joy of Brazilian culture mixed with an international appeal and music to be infectious.

To them, music is a lifestyle. They live and breathe it every day, devoting hours daily to talking about songs, writing, feeling out what a song wants to be and teasing it forth. “You can struggle for 29 days out of 30, just to have that one day where you create something that touches you,” they say. “You have to let go of all your ego, and understand that success is not the absence of failure.” 

The musician triplets will often talk about a theme first, something that percolates in their soul that is begging to burst forth. Eventually, they settle upon the song’s theme, although that can sometimes result from passionate discussion. Majority rules, yet one can’t see anyone feeling shouted down. The ladies present an European sophistication, likely the result of growing up in Brazil and spending five years in France. Indeed, because they strive to retain an authenticity of feeling in their compositions, it seems a necessity that all three artists find that common ground. “And why not?” they say, “ultimately, our message is that we are all human, we are the same, and we want our music to lift everyone who listens to it.”

To that end, even songs about breakups don’t have all to be a slow ballad all the time, some of them are counterpointed with faster rhythms, just so they can break away from having every breakup be a slow ballad designed to make everyone weepy. “We like to find the joy, wherever it lies”, they say.

Joy is evident in the music, considering their influences. Besides their looks, fashion and music are some of the few things the triplets share in common. They cited acts like Ryan Lewis and Macklemore, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5, Joao Gilberto, Tom Jobim as influences. The triplets also called up the Spice Girls, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Pitbull as being among their favorites.

The group’s initial global success bodes well for future projects. They are truly an international act, who can sing either in English, Portuguese or French, but they now have chosen to focus on a more international approach singing in English. The greatest compliment they received was playing in a country where the citizens first language might be French, yet they could see audience members singing along in Portuguese.

With the World Cup being hosted in their native Brazil, the trio is aiming to be the musical representative of the event. Their international appeal has a lot going for them already. They are writing and recording new songs as we speak, and just finished a 3-D music video at DreamWorks. Their appearance in a recent Virgin Mobile commercial “Retrain Your Brain” is generating hits by the millions.

“We are eager to perform for larger crowds,” they say. “There is no greater message for the world than to see three women who grew up in an average home in Brazil, turn their dream into reality”.

Inspiration and optimism is in short supply these days. SCO will be bringing them to everyone again soon. Stay tuned.

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