There was a study done recently that ranked the RIAA as the most reviled organization, however our good friends in the Church of Scientology seem to be rivaling the RIAA in this coveted category.

This latest tale of awe and L. Ron Hubbardment comes out of England.

Stu “Killdozer” Wyatt is an interesting guy, he gets the Killdozer moniker because he is disabled and drives around on a motorized scooter. He is also a big enemy of the L. Ron Hubbard people. Apparently he gets his kicks from capturing them on a hand held video cam and asking them questions that they don’t want to answer. This sounds like harmless fun to me. While I don’t have a video cam, I do on occasion enjoy a spirited conversation with the various whackos that knock on my door selling religion.

Stu apparently overstepped the mark though with the Scientology mob. On June the 3rd he was doing his thing with the Cult church  and on June 12, in response to a complaint by Plymouth’s “Church” of Scientology, Plymouth police came to Stu’s home and arrested him for “assault.”

Fortunately for Stu, there was no assault charge pressed. However the Scientologists don’t give up easy. Stu has a dirty secret, actually it is no secret at all, he smokes cannabis. For some reason, however, Plymouth police decided to be tough guys about the cannabis, and took Stu to jail.

You just have to love the Hubbard Heads!

I am hoping that Stu will be willing to do an interview, assuming he is, we will be running it in a couple of days.

Simon Barrett

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