Scientology has long been an online target, the newsgroup alt.scientology has been around essentially from the beginnings of Usenet, and has always been a fiery place. Since the beginning of 2008 though the war on scientology has moved elsewhere online, the battles are being waged on the web, in the Blogosphere, and on forums. A lot of this interest was stirred up by a rather interesting group know merely as Anonymous.

The Scientologists are a highly litigious group loving to threaten legal action at anyone that dares infringe on their ‘intellectual property’. As the name Anonymous implies they are not exactly bragging about who they are, and so are a difficult target for the Scientologists legal eagles.

The battle is obviously heating up and has now moved into the Main Stream Media, this seems to be being spearheaded by the Los Angeles Times. Mondays edition contained a long article about Scientology, a great summary of which was posted on

This if followed by another scathing article on the LA times web site. This article concerns a new web site started by 3 ex Scientologists who wish to expose the cult for what it is .

It also goes on to make mention that L. Ron. Hubbard may well be guilty of plagiarism of a 1934 German book called “Scientologie”.

The article also has a mention about eBay. Apparently the Scientologists have also been busy threatening eBay. One of the devices that the ‘church’ uses is something called an eMeter, some worthless electronic gadget that supposedly measures how Scientoligist you are! These devices have been sporadically appearing on eBay and the Scientologists have been leaning on eBay to remove the listings

I will bet Tom Cruise and his Scientologist buddies are not happy campers about this latest development.

Simon Barrett



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