On September 4 in Hamburg, Germany, an unusual event occured: Germany’s Department of Interior Affairs’ Ursala Caberta held a 3-hour seminar on the dangers of Scientology while members of the Church were told to “stay away”.

Caberta has been head of the “Working Group on Scientology” since 1992. The 3-hour seminar, titled, “That is Scientology! Reports from the USA” included actor and former Scientologist Jason Beghe, former Scientologists Marc Headley and and Larry Brennan, attorney Graham Berry, as well as representatives from the anti-Scientology group, Anonymous. The Church of Scientology, who was not invited, sued to be allowed in the seminar. German judges were not amused and denied the Scientologist’s request.

DBKP found this video of the “welcome” Caberta received at a Florida airport by Church of Scientology members in 2000. All we can say is the intimidation tactics used by the members of the church was down right scary:

A member of Anonymous recounted the group’s attendance at the seminar:

We met up at the main station, Scilons were already there with cameras and cell phones, trying to intimidate us.
Irish fags were there, londonfags were there and a lot of fags from all over germany.

We used the subway and were followed by OSA in the coach behind us, we went further by foot to the event …
Police met up with us and warned us to keep our flyers and flags down because we could be sued.
They ensured us police would be on our side, and we should not give the scilons any possibility to hit us.
We went further and saw that a whole bunch of scilons were there, a lot of high ranking German scilons, some we already met at the protests, some we met the CCHR exhibits, also Sabine Weber, and the international Scilon elite like Moxon….

Moxon was directly enturbulated by some fearless anons who confronted him with the suicide of his daughter and other stuff, also some german OSA operatives with cameras were frontal enturbulated….
We were there just in time and entered the hall with lots of anons.

The first thing we heard was that the scilons tried to stop the event until the last hour, and when this doesnt worked out, they tried to get Tommy Davies in… which failed miserably.
Quote “If you discuss the dangers of illegal drugs, you do not invite the drug dealer to speak on stage”

then there were good speeches, and anonymous hat a professional camera team there from the netherlands … so expect the speeches in good quality on the tubes soon….
these speeches were just EPIC
Lots of european government officials were there, local newspapers and the national tv.
So it was WIN.

Attorney Graham Berry addressed the seminar and spoke of the Church of Scientology’s well documented policies dealing with the Church’s three “concepts” of “power, purge, and punish”.

Former Church member Marc Headley spoke of his former days of “daily physical, emotional, and verbal abuse”:

“Daily physical , verbal abuse, emotional abuse, is just rampant throughout the International Headquarters of Scientology. People yelling at people, people punching people. I myself, on at least 10 different occasions have witnessed David Miscavige actually physically strike other staff members to the ground, strike staff members so many times or damage them physically, that they actually needed medical attention, or that a medical officer from the facility would have to come and bandage them or treat them. In one instance, I myself, was punched several times by David Miscavige in the face, for basically arguing or talking back to him during a discussion that we were having.”
–Marc Headley, Hamburg Scientology Conference, September 4, 2008

Many other things happened in Germany as well: some of them a bit surprising.

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by Mondoreb/LBG
Source: Church of Scientology and Anonymous: Guess Which Group Didn’t get Invite to German Seminar

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