The now tawdry and somewhat tarnished Cult Church Of Scientology continues to battle on. The latest and maybe the funniest escapade involves their attempt to rehabilitate their public image. The cult Church has for many years kept a very low profile, but an aggressive one. The mere mention of the name or quotes from the ‘secret’ writings was likely to cause a ‘cease and desist’ notice from their ever vigilant ‘legal eagles’, who I have no doubt get the L. Ron Hubbard inspired rubbish for a cut price. It is OK to discuss the Koran, the Bible, even the slightly silly Mormon version, in fact it is OK to quote and discuss any Holy book, except the rantings of the slightly deranged Scientologists.

In the latest attempt at damage control the ‘Hubbard Heads’ set up a new web site featuring Scientology friendly videos. Several videos authenticity are being questioned. In particular Human Rights, In Support of Human Rights. To quote one source “This video includes more than 20 unnamed dignitaries from various political, cultural and educational occupations promoting the Youth for Human Rights campaign; a movement in which the Church of Scientology is only one of over 30 sponsors. Only the speakers distinguished job titles are offered to the viewers as a means for judging the credibility of the speaker’s statements.”

This looks like yet another PR disaster for the Scientologists. One wonders just how many PR disasters they need to make a difference. Tom Cruise looked like a good catch, he was well known and had the bank roll to buy into the L. Ron comic series. But Tom lost credibility faster than Exxon stock. Being a Scientologist is righ up there with being a ‘Flat Earther’, you have no credibility, but it is fun!

The good news though, is they seem to have found another famous person (sucker) to join the ranks. According to the influential British music rag NME Pete Doherty is fascinated by the religion/cult, but his words may well be colored by the fact that his ‘main squeeze’ of the week is Nadine Ruddy, another Hubbard head!

The folks targeting Scientology seem to be really making a dent in the Cult Religion.

The German government have them under the microscope, and I am sure that it will not be much longer before the US has to finally admit that Scientology does not rate the Tax Free Status that they currently enjoy. Almost every ‘real’ religion offers free ‘bibles’ to those that cannot afford to buy one. Scientology is a whole different world. Everything except the first ‘free’ indoctrination session costs money. Well it costs a lot to maintain ritzy buildings! This is ave you read material. I recently reviewed an Indy movie, ‘The Gods Of Times Square‘, in a nutshell, it is a movie about the whacko’s that call New York Times square home. A low level, and deranged guy, is punting ‘Dienetics’. One can only assume the the cult Church Of Scientology not only goes after the rich stupid people, but also targets the poor. And that makes me sad. Picking on the rich and stupid is fine, picking on the poor and destitute is beyond comment!

Simon Barrett

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