After universe, the working of the brain has been the most curious thing for man. Various tests and experiments have been carried out to know how exactly the brain makes us do things in the way that we do.

Ever since the release of the film Minority Report in 2002, the general population world over have been curious as to whether such a thing can take place.

A new study conducted by a group of scientists from Germany, Britain and Japan have been working on a technique that could predict what a man is about to do even before he puts his thought in execution.

So when John-Dylan Haynes, a researcher from Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, says that knowing in advance what a man is supposed to do can become a reality, one wonders whether fiction, as seen and thought by us, is really a sign in the direction where man’s next conquest is about to take place.

The detailed report of the story can be found at Scientists’ claims could turn Minority Report into reality

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