In rural Pennsylvania, in a small Amish community, a man entered a small one room schoolhouse wielding weapons and 600 rounds of ammunition. He let several boys and women go, before attempting to execute 11 young girls. He killed four girls, injured three others, and then turned the gun on himself.

This is the fourth fatal attack that has occurred in a school in the past week. Three of these attacks were conducted by persons that did not attend the schools. Kenneth Trump, president of the National School Safety and Security Services, doesn’t offer much hope either. He says, “In the case of a roaming monster walking around a school, you have to realistic. There are some incidents you’re not going to be able to prevent.” Yeah, that’s a great attitude! Try selling that to any school shooting victim’s family. Something could certainly be done. Perhaps clear-cut solutions haven’t been pondered or worse yet, perhaps they have and they’ve been deemed too expensive to enact. But, don’t EVER dismiss the possibility of improvement, especially when it involves the safety or our children!

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