School renovations that have taken place at schools in the Niagara Valley region of the state of New York have highlighted problems with asbestos presence according to a recent report. The asbestos was discovered at a number of Lewiston-Porter schools where renovation works were taking place.

The discovery of the asbestos was unexpected and has added a lot of money to the cost of the renovations. The multi-million dollar project will also experience delays as a result of the discovery. However, officials have said that they will still be aiming to finish the project on time.

The law dictates that before any further renovation or demolition work can be carried out all asbestos must be removed, and because specialists are required to undertake asbestos abatement the cost to the school district is likely to be high.

According to reports the asbestos was discovered under sinks and cabinets, in the walls, and in various offices whilst renovation works were being conducted at the schools.

Exposure to asbestos dust can result in health problems, including deadly asbestos cancer called mesothelioma.

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