A Colorado school has re-opened after being closed due to an asbestos scare, according to recent reports. The Louisville Middle School in Colorado was closed after concerns over the presence of asbestos, but the results of tests have shown that the air is safe.

It is reported that asbestos was found in the older parts of the school, but health officials have run tests and investigated the problems, and have stated that the asbestos is not harmful. Testing showed that asbestos was not present in the air, with the results being returned as negative.

Parents, concerned over possible asbestos exposure, have now been informed that air quality tests showed that there was no asbestos that was detectable in the air, and this came after the school was evacuated last Friday when renovations that were being carried out showed that there was asbestos in some of the older parts of the school.

The principal of the school has said that the time that students have had to have off as a result of the evacuation is being taken into consideration, stating: “Homework and academic due dates are all being adjusted in recognition that students could not access their work over this weekend.”

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