An official from the West Des Moines School District has tried to explain why the parents of students at one of its schools were not told about recent asbestos removal work that was carried out. The work was carried out at Indian Hills Junior High School during the winter break, and parents were not informed about the asbestos removal works.

Operations supervisor, Jeff Robbins, said that the reason that administrators did not tell parents about the work that was being carried out was because it was all carried out whilst students were on holiday, which means that they were not affected. He said that during the winter break “we closed the building per the school board’s request, which was not to allow any students, staff or community members inside.”

One parent said that she only found out about the asbestos removal work when her kids tried to go back to school to collect some books during the winter break, and were told by the janitor that they could not enter the building.

Most of the asbestos is said to have been found in floor tile adhesive in the hallways and classrooms, and officials have said that all of this has to be removed before renovation work can begin at the school later this year.

Exposure to airborne asbestos dust and fibers can result in a range of health problems, including the deadly asbestos related cancer known as mesothelioma.

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