The cost of demolishing an old school building in Montgomery has rocketed as the result of the presence of asbestos. The site where the old school stands was to be used to create a new academic facility, but the cost of the project will be far higher than anticipated because of the asbestos.

The presence of the asbestos has more than doubled the cost of the demolition, which had been set at around three hundred and seventy five thousand dollars. The actual cost of the demolition will now be in excess of seven hundred and seventy thousand dollars, which means that the district and tax payers will have to pay more.

One official stated: “We were aware of minimal amounts of asbestos from our survey of the building. But as we examined the space between the bricks and the walls, it was clear we had a much larger problem.”

Officials still state that demolishing the old building and creating a new one is going to be more cost effective that renovating the existing one. An official said: “Bringing an older building up to code and upgrading old wiring, plumbing and air systems would be more expensive than starting over. With the discovery of asbestos, the cost of renovation would be far greater.”

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