An elementary school in Bel Air was closed earlier this week after high levels of asbestos were found in the air in one of the school’s buildings. Homestead-Wakefield Elementary was closed for one day after elevated levels of the deadly carcinogenic were found in the air.

Following the discovery of increased asbestos levels, which were discovered earlier in the week, further testing was carried out, and the school has now re-opened.

The asbestos was released following the removal of ceiling tiles, which were removed in order to fit air conditioning. Asbestos was in the lining of pipes behind the tiles, and this is where the released asbestos came from.

Don Morrison, Harford County public schools spokesman, stated: “When the tiles were removed, it disturbed what had been dormant fibers. When we discovered what had been done, we brought in an industrial hygienist. We did have levels of asbestos fibers above the allowable limit.”

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