A school building reopened at the end of last week following an asbestos scare earlier in the week. A block at the school, Wick High in the UK , closed on Tuesday of last week following concerns about possible asbestos contamination. However, the building reopened again on Friday.

There were fears earlier in the week that fibers of the potentially deadly material asbestos had become airborne and was contaminating the building. This happened after contractors had been working on replacing the windows in the building and it came to light that ceiling tiles that were covering asbestos had been removed.

Following closure of the block the rector at the school stated: “We agreed that the best decision would be to close the building and have it tested, because we take absolutely no chances with the health of the pupils or staff.”

Testing later showed that no asbestos had been released and the block was therefore reopened. The rector added: “We managed to minimise disruption to pupils’ education on this occasion. If it had been a prolonged closure there’s no doubt it would have had an impact.”

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