The removal of the potentially deadly carcinogenic, asbestos, from an Ohio school could end up costing a cool one million dollars, according to a recent report. The asbestos abatement is required at the old West Elementary School building in Youngstown, Ohio.

Whilst the price may seem very high it is the latest estimate given on the asbestos removal project, and the good news is that it is actually far lower than the original estimate that was given, which came to over two million dollars, said Tony DeNiro, the assistant superintendent for school business affairs.

Officials have said that the asbestos that is present in the school building has to be removed carefully and under controlled conditions. Any asbestos that is removed from the school will then need to be properly disposed of in specialist landfills, and this forms part of the demolition procedure for the eighty one year old building.

When the building was originally surveyed it was claimed that the plaster in the walls contained a lot of asbestos, bumping up the cost of the project. However, the price has come down because further inspections have revealed that in some walls the asbestos is at acceptable levels.

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