The removal of asbestos at a school in Massachusetts is running ahead of schedule, according to a recent report. The work at the high school in Somerset, Massachusetts is said to be running around one week ahead of schedule, and last week officials reported that the asbestos clean up was almost completed.

The school superintendent said that he was pleased at how well the work had been progressing, stating: “The asbestos abatement is ahead of schedule. We had planned for that work to take until the end of this month.”

There is a lot of reconstruction work to be carried out at the school, and the school superintendent said that this could begin as soon as the air had been tested to ensure that it was safe. He said: “Once we get the air assessed and find out that it’s safe for workers, that should push the concrete work ahead. It’s good news. We’re knocking a lot of wood around here.”

Speaking about the workers that were running the project he also added: “They put in some 12-hour days. They worked six days a week. We made custodial staff available on Saturdays to keep the school open for them.”

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