scarcam-2.jpgBy Honey Gillard

When Scarlett Johansson travels she is sometimes ‘Lost in Translation’ but it seems she is more often presented with the prejudice that still exists in this world.

Johansson, 22, has recently spoken out about her racist confrontation and how she is shocked and saddened by the racism of this world we live in.

She says, “People are still so racist. It amazed me – all over the world, not just here. I wonder if people are born with prejudice and we have to overcome it. Or is it, we’re born without it and it’s a learned thing?”

The actress says that she is disappointed to find prejudice wherever she travels.

In other news, Miss. Cameron Diaz has declared that she can’t wait to grow old and that she dreams of living in a retirement village.

The Hollywood starlet still young at 34 vows that she is not afraid of aging and believes the older generation is underrated by a youth-obsessed society.

“I look forward to partaking in that elderly lifestyle. I wouldn’t mind being in a retirement village where you’re in a community with people who are like-minded and have the same interests. So often the elderly are just forgotten about, but I think there can be really green pastures at that age.”

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