I was disappointed to read that Hollywood director Brian De Palma’s latest work is a propaganda piece, highlighting the atrocities that a handful of U.S. soldiers committed in the Iraqi town of Mahmudiyah.

It’s ironic that someone like De Palma who is best known for directing ‘Scarface’ and ‘The Untouchables’ would be an anti-war liberal, but definitely not surprising.

At a time when our country and indeed Brian De Palma’s country is at war with radical Islam, it’s just a shame that he chose to do a film about U.S. soldiers raping and murdering an entire family in Iraq. He uses videos and images taken from the across Internet and from some soldiers’ own blogs to paint the U.S. military as a murderous band of thugs.

The film called ‘Redacted‘ will mainly be shown oversees with only limited release in America. I’m sure the radical elements in the Arab world will be overjoyed at the fresh propaganda they can use from the film to boost terrorist recruitment.

I don’t object to telling what happened in Mahmudiyah, not that it would matter if I did since literally thousands of stories have been printed in every national paper and discussed on every news program. Those involved in the incident are doing anywhere from 10 years to life in a Federal prison for there despicable crimes.

What isn’t fair is to give uninformed and frankly stupid people overseas the impression that our military is nothing but a bunch of rapists and murderers.

The reality is that when you put close to 200,000 people somewhere for any length of time, your gonna have a few thugs come out of the woodwork. What that small group of soldiers did was an absolute disgrace and in my opinion they should have been hanged on the battlefield.

The bottom line is that the horrible events that took place that day in Iraq have been told over and over again, and everyone involved met with swift justice. I just wish that those who are fortunate enough to be Americans would use there right to free speech in a more responsible manner.

Whether you like President Bush or not, the United States collectively is at war meaning it’s all of our war and we should be mindful of how the things we say and do are perceived in the Arab world.

I know raping and killing a family most certainly doesn’t play well in the Arab world or any other world for that matter, but American citizens like Brian De Palma needn’t stoke the flames of Islamic extremism that is already sweeping across the Middle East and Europe.

Being critical of your country’s policies and its leaders is as American as it gets, but deliberately trying to sabotage and undermine your own country is not American at all.

Written By Chris Jones
The Hot Joints

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