The annual festival of horror and the paranormal kicks off today in Lexington Kentucky. It may not be as well known as San Diego’s Comicon, or Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas, but Scarefest is growing in popularity. This years attendance of the three day adventure into the strange and unusual is expected to top 15,000 attendees. This will be the 5th year that fans have made the trek, and each year has seen it grow both in attendance and stature.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to talk to some people that will not only be attending, but actually participating.

I don’t play much in the world of TV, it is on 24/7 in the house, but there is little I watch. I ‘tune it out’ in preference of reading or writing. Yes, I know that I am in the minority, but it is the way I am!

There are a seemingly endless supply of programs about the paranormal and just the out and out strange. I know more about Area 51 than the Aliens! Ghosts and Goblins are another favorite subject. The people who tend to devil in these two subjects are always long on flapping lips, but short on hard facts.

Of course one has to understand that just because something seems unlikely, it doesn’t mean that someone is trying to fool you. Science is in a constant state of evolution. What is assumed to be bogus becomes reality, and what seems reality becomes bogus.

Little is understood about the paranormal, for some people it is just a kooky concept that lays far outside of the laws of physics and  believability, for others it is a fledgling science, a science waiting to be substantiated.

I am an unusual person in that I am highly skeptical, but also like to keep an open mind. It was through a mutual friend that I got to talk with Mike and Lisa Austin, and Jenny Hurt about a new TV series they have created, Cradle To The Grave. The pilot is in the can, and they are at Scarefest to talk to potential viewers. They are keeping the pilot close to their chest. I have seen more than most people, but even I have not seen the entire 60 minutes.

You can listen to my interview with part of the Cradle To The Grave team here.

Simon Barrett

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