Obviously, this man has never heard of Dale Carnegie’s methods of winning friends and influencing people. A news story here says that Australian Muslims are getting ready to give Sheik Al-Hilaly, AKA the Cat-Meat Mufti the heave-ho from his position of authority. As if the original offense of comparing scantily-dressed women to meat left out— who’s fault is it, if the cat eats it, then? Besides richly offending women of all persuasions, particularly rape victims, he has also managed to offend men, in suggesting they are no more able to control themselves than a hungry cat. Dismissing him as merely a “religious nutter” and blaming all the fuss over his remarks as merely a manifestation of anti-Moslem sentiment is particularly rich, though… the man was an influential leader in the Moslem community, and appears to have no problem with getting his face and words into the public arena. Pretty damn good for a poor little old religious nutter. He has his very own personal spokesperson, which must be nice, which indicates the good Mufti is not unacquainted with the public eye. And the degree of outrage being expressed indicates that although his remarks were not much out of character, this time the line has been crossed. The cat-meat remarks may be in truth, the straw that broke the mufti’s back.

“Sgt Mom” is a freelance writer and retired Air Force NCO, who blogs at www.sgtstryker.com, and lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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