Sparen bis der Artzt kommt, the German obsession with saving money has apparently reached yet another all-time record. Die Geizkragen (the tightwads). On average, every German has saved about 94,000 euros, well over 100,000 bucks. That’s about 9 trillion friggin’ dollars for crying out loud (a German Billion is an American trillion, by the way – another thing that bugs the hell out of me)!

You remember don’t you, my American friends out there? “Saved”, as in putting money on a savings account or in stocks or in insurance policies somewhere? For later, I mean. Damn. Over 100,000 dollars per person? That’s bound to be nearly half of what every American out there has gone into debt for, at the moment. How disgusting of them to do that. The Germans, I mean.

This can’t go on forever, though. Or can it? I mean doesn’t physics eventually kick in somewhere and the banks won’t have any more room for all this liquid liquidity stuff anymore or something? And what are they waiting for anyway? I know a German couple that is actually saving so they can pay cash for their house. I kid you not. Look, I am generally all for common sense things like saving and all that, but don’t you think this has gotten a bit out of hand, my German friends out there? See the PayPal donation button down there on the bottom right? Stop saving and start living already.

If you save for a rainy day here, you’ll never save a penny.

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