As every high schooler leans in physics 101, for every action there is a reaction. Well that is also true outside of the world of physics. While perusing the Internet for tasty tid bits to write about I came across a story so delightfully silly I felt moral obligation to report on it.

California has stated that in the interests of becoming eco friendly they want to outlaw the use of plastic bags, or at least put some sort of tax on them. Plastic bags are about as eco friendly as a nuclear bomb. They do not bio degrade, they are an eyesore when littered around, and are a hazard to certain types of wildlife. All in all their removal from everyday life would not impact me a great deal. Yes they are very convenient, but lets face it, we don’t tend to use them in a very sensible way, the checkout operator puts out steaks in it, we carry it to the car, drive home, take the steaks and put them in the refrigerator, crumple the plastic bag up and toss it in the garbage. The plastic bag has had a useful lifespan of maybe 30 minutes!

Not everyone agrees though that plastic is bad. There is a newly formed group who are fighting for the rights of the lowly plastic bag. is a newly formed coalition of businesses and citizens. The coalition seeks to counter the one-sided myths, misinformation and gross exaggerations circulating on the Internet and in the media that have resulted in plastic bags being unfairly stigmatized.

They go on to explain that plastic bags are an American success story, and removing them will have an economic effect.

85% of plastic bags used in the United States are manufactured in the United States. Taxing or banning plastic carryout bags will result in the direct loss of approximately 4,000 American jobs. In addition, there will be thousands of resin and distribution company job losses. Many struggling families will be badly affected at a difficult time in our economy.

It’s at times like this that my eyeballs roll up into their sockets and I mutter “Oh brother”.

Simon Barrett

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