Just when you thought there was every reason to intervene in North Korea, the North Koreans provide the best reason of all: maybe the world needs to save North Korea from itself. It sounds like they just made a big, unintended, glow-in-the-dark mess with their odd little explosion, rather like their odd little leader. Oh, sure, his hair stands on end, but when you actually measure him, he comes up short. If the North Koreans actually try to mount a nuke on a missile, they’ll probably blow themselves up instead of their intended target. Horrible? Yes. A threat to world stability? Only if the world consists of North Korea.  

Of course, maybe there are ways to save North Korea without destroying it. We don’t want to find ourselves in the awkward position of having to “destroy the village in order to save it.” So maybe there is a way out of this crisis if it is, in fact, much ado about nothing.     

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