Most folks have the mistaken idea that The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is a hurricane.

It’s not. It has no eye-wall, no relative high winds, indeed no eye.

My personal belief is that The Spot is a huge ulcer from a moon of Jupiter long ago plummeting to it’s death.

These things take a long time to digest!

Today we recieved news and images of the FIRST HURRICANE outside of Earth. It’s happening on Saturn, near the South Pole.

It dwarfs Earth’s Hurricanes, naturally. It’s vertical size is estimated at 2 to 5 times the height of any earth ‘cane. From depth to peak

they tower 45 miles! It is around 5,000 miles (!) across. Estimated wind speed is 350 miles per hour. One thing that is different from

this hurricane compared to earth’s is that this one is more or less stationary (around the South Pole). It does not move like earth one’s do.

Here is a LINK to the CASSINI site where a B&W Image and additional information can be found. Cassini is the satellite orbitting Saturn.

Scientific American Link


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