Sarah Palin’s Email Account was Neither Hacked nor was “Hacker” a Member of the Group Known as ‘Anonymous’

“Hacker” a Lone Wolf


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Did the group known only as “Anonymous” hack Sarah Palin’s email account?

If not, who did?

DBKP has learned that the Anonymous hacker was neither a hacker–at least, in this instance–nor representing the group known as “Anonymous”. Anonymous is most famous for its fight against the Church of Scientology and its worldwide protests over the last year.

The “hacker”, who is a 20-year-old male, actually didn’t hack Palin’s email. He guessed the password question on the Yahoo account (Where did you meet your partner?) and changed Palin’s password to one that allowed him access.

So was Palin’s hacker acting alone?

The “hacker” is NOT an active Anonymous member and describes himself as a “lurker”. He’s posted his reports of ‘phishing’ on various sites and “is probably thinking he can make anon his personal army for his partisan purposes,” according to our source.

Anonymous has no partisan purposes, other than the portion of the group that has declared “war on the Church of Scientology”.

No one ‘speaks for Anonymous’ might be a good way to describe the non-organization of the group.

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Source: Sarah Palin’s Email: Hacker was a Phisher, Acting Alone

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