My fellow liberals may just mock Sarah Palin right into the White House, the gut reaction most liberal and moderate pundits expressed toward the Governor of Alaska, was the very emotion she used to get herself elected in the first place,
John McCain’s gamble may just be hoping the Obama campaign will focus on her personality rather than her ideals.

Barack Obama will lose if he allows the message to focus on the individual, She is one of the only evangelical Christians in National politics I have ever come across who for the most part actually practices what she preaches, I admire her achievements, but utterly disagree with her politics. The risk of mocking someone like Sarah Palin is the fact she is genuine.
Stop attempting to discredit the individual and attack the ideals she offers, Most Americans are going to admire her but disagree with her on abortion, she wants to make it criminal even in cases of rape, incest and a threat to the Mothers life.
She thinks as do most evangelicals that evolution is still called a theory, it’s not, nor can creationism be called a theory since it does not meet the valid fundamental elements required by empirical science and her want to teach it in public schools is one of the ludicrous ideas we should ridicule.
She is on record as being opposed to or in some funky political double speak as” administratively against” gay rights, the civil rights acts, affirmative action and certain applications of the concept equal pay for equal work.

God Bless folks who think the world began 7000 years ago at 9AM EST, but the ideas and actions of social conservatism have gotten us where we are today.

P.S. Burton

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