A confidential source close to the republican vice presidential candidate confirms the Alaskan Governor feels at this point a victory Tuesday is unlikely and the greater good of the party compels her to move quickly to establish a genuine conservative voice in moving forward. Speaking on the condition of anononimity the advisor said “Sarah has been reaching out in the last couple weeks to several prominent like-minded conservatives, who agree the roll out after the convention was an opportunity to cultivate swing voters that was botched by McCain’s staff, and may well be the primary reason if the ticket suffers a loss on Tuesday”.
The final straw according to the campaign insider, Comments made by some of Senator McCain’s most senior adviser’s when they referred to her has a diva and a whack job. This same aid also provided some frank insight on the personal relationship between John McCain and Governor Palin. Sarah was both honored and humbled to be selected and expresses nothing but admiration and respect for the Senator, despite some fundamental differences on policy issues as they relate to stem cell research and exploring for energy in Alaskan preserves. Tension on the straight talk express can be blamed on senior McCain advisers who treated her more like a candidates spouse than the bottom half of the ticket explained the Palin advisor.

Pressed to provide detail on what the Alaskan Governor is doing to establish her own political identity the confident pointed to Governor Palin having made full use of the secret service detail to keep certain senior McCain staffers at bay when she wanted privacy for conversations and phone calls as she reached out to national conservative leaders. At the beginning of the campaign Sarah’s attitude was one of eagerness to do whatever the “experts” demanded and directed.

That’s all changed now the source explained, Pointing to Governor Palin’s unscripted speeches on energy independence or how women are affected by taxes. In support of the Palin confidant’s claim, two high profile participants in next Thursday’s national meeting of conservatives outside Washington have confirmed speaking directly with the Governor on several occasions. Both agree if the ticket loses on Tuesday, the blame is John McCain’s alone. They point to Governor Palins convention speech and numerous speeches and debates given when she was running for governor, that back up her public speaking skills. No one expected her to be a policy wonk out of the gate the party elder remarked.

One prominent conservative said Mitt Romney is already engaging attendees at the meeting attempting to position himself. I made it very clear to Governor Palin her cause will not lack support during meetings amongst ideological conservatives.


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