Even some of my die hard republican friends are expressing shock after reading an investigative report linking Governor Sarah Palin to gun toting separatists posted by investigative journalists Max Blumenthal and David Neiwert at Salon.Com. The very depth and intimacy of Sarah’s relationship with these radicals but for black and white documentation would make for the plot of a fanciful spy movie.
A generation ago all the Presidents men exposed political corruption at the highest levels of Government. I speculate the still unfolding journalistic inquiry into Governor Palin’s involvement with separatists could lead into the sphere of sedition if it turns out the individuals who groomed the pistol packing hockey Mom for her start in political life are part of a greater conspiracy.
In America we encourage every shade of political diversity and idealism; it’s the glory of our heritage. Our constitution protects and promotes free expression of the very ideals and views most repulsive to our shared sense of values and morality. We impose few rules on political dialogue and dissent, but one rule we do impose on individuals or groups, is a prohibition against active participation in seditious behavior.
We were told by the McCain campaign Sarah Palin had no connection to a fringe group of secessionist loons called the Alaskan Independence Party. I like many assumed the fact she is and was a registered republican pretty much settled the matter. The A.I.P at first glance seems a pretty harmless collective of malcontents who effect little influence or merit much attention. Thankfully Max and David like Woodward and Bernstien decided to follow the public money trail.

The journey of discovery as we explore the roots of Sarah Palin’s relationship with members of the A.I.P may just end on the other side of a bridge leading to members and organizations that constitute what could amount to an active militant fifth column engaged in a conspiracy of sedition against the United States of America itself. Short of Treason itself my friend there is no more serious a charge that can be laid against an American citizen.
While investigative journalists have already uncovered evidence Sarah’s husband Todd was at one time a card carrying member of the AIP. From a legal perspective, membership in an UN-American political party is not in itself a criminal offense. During the cold war many disloyal Americans were members of the communist party.

What worried brave patriots battling the red menace were scores of Americans working for old Joe Stalin in secret or those who joined groups that were known by our justice department to be like minded fellow travelers in the global war between freedom and totalitarianism.
Indeed American’s were caught off guard when Tim McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma. The threat posed by secessionist wasn’t really part of the national dialogue before Oklahoma City. We didn’t view a handful of ideological extremists dressed in fatigues playing minute man on the weekend as much of a threat. Tim McVeigh demonstrated in an instant of tragic consequence, how serious these folks could become if they drank too much of the ideological Kool-aid at their weekend retreats.

We need to know more, much more about the relationship between Sarah and the secessionists who took her in hand and helped to finance her start in political life. We need to know if Sarah was aware of what these men stand for. To what degree she shares their beliefs. After all If you’re a fan of books like the Turner diaries, people have a right to know the truth before they cast a vote that could elect you the Vice President.

That my view yours may be different P.S. Burton

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