Or shop at Nieman Marcus as the case may be. With a dire warning “that one” is a closet socialist, Renowned Moose hunter and republican vice-presidential candidate, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is doing her part to stave off the advance of the dreaded Obama bolshivicks.
Apparently taking to heart George Bush’s call to shop when facing a terrorist’s threat, Smiling Sarah having identified one Barack Hussein Obama as a pal of terrorist types. Went shopping and spent some campaign funds on clothes $ 150,000 to be exact while her “Staff” was eager to do some more “clarificating” on $21,000 spent transporting the Palin children to “official” type governor events, like first dude Todd Palin’s snow machine races.
With a new poll putting “that one” ten points ahead of team McCain as we finish the final two weeks of the campaign. I say spend baby spend, Sarah you scoop up as many lovely parting gifts as propriety, decorum and Todd’s snow machine can carry girl. With your campaign plotting strategy in fantasy land and counting on Pennsylvania as the state that will put you over the top in the electoral count.

I say you have earned a big ass taste of whatever the rules allow you to stuff into your pockets as we approach the morning when you wave goodbye from the tarmac and head on back to your neck of the woods.
And unlike the more traditional conservative pundits who speculate you will disappear from the national stage after the greatest electoral defeat in history. I am betting we will see you in four years because while most people just shake their heads when you speak. You girl are the future of social conservatism in this country, and they comprise a good thirty percent of the electorate so take a few years out, bone up on the constitution, hire an image consultant, it did wonders for Pat Robertson.

And lets game it up again in 2012 girl cause you da Bomb of M.I.L.F’s who are S.C.P.A’s and Yo that’s from the heart girl, word up psburton Blogger nations

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