Blogging from Phoenix: Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin spent some time with FOX network host Greta Van Susteren and from this hard core liberal bloggers perspective. She pretty much dispelled the rumors and gossip being “leaked” to the media by former McCain campaign staffers.
While the networks still report as gospel truth every utterance of the crew responsible for the GOP tickets loss, I was impressed with Governor Palins ability to communicate. It goes without saying I disagree with her social conservative ideology. But I am developing a healthy respect for her sincerity, charisma, and political insight. She has the raw potential to become a major political force in the conservative movement. Which strictly speaking is not limited to the Republican Party. If so many evangelicals hadn’t stayed home and more libertarians and independents had sided with the GOP this time, it very well might have been vice president Palin Elect.

More so as an Irish Catholic who believes in fair play on the political field. I find the conduct of Senator McCain’s advisers deplorable. Despite the public denials only McCain’s most senior advisers can be responsible for the majority of, its her fault mentality that began consuming the thought processes of the inner circle just after the economic meltdown. It threw them for a loop from which they did not recover. From there on it becomes as they say a circular firing squad.

Keep in mind folks the post convention bounce Sarah Palin brought to the ticket did not begin to bleed till after the economic meltdown occurred and John McCain’s famous, the fundamentals are in great shape remark. You can go to the Gallup poll website and track it hour by hour. McCain/Palin was in front by a couple points till the market imploded. John McCain and Sarah Palin in my opinion were victims of political malpractice;

Despite the optimism of both candidates who hoped to turn it around, McCain’s top advisers are responsible for enough political failures to know when its time to start seeding the press for post election blame, and doubtless began offering off the record remarks, peppered with please keep a lid on this till after the election nearly a month before people voted.

In a prior post I observed former Governor Mitt Romney seems to be the most visible player in the republican party seeking the titular crown, but in response to several e-mails. I wish to make it clear that was my observation, no one in the Palin camp has accused him to me of bad mouthing her.

While the Governor is availing herself of the opportunity to speak to the media and correct the misinformation and gossip. From a political standpoint. I speculate her next move will occur at the meeting of republican Governors. By using the media to defuse the attacks on her intellect, she can lay the ground work to pursue a more substantive role in the party.

Republicans who still hold State and National office are beginning the process of cleaning up the devastation left by the old guard GOP establishment in the last two elections. The old boys however plan to put up a fight to retain the lucrative financial streams they control in the party infrastructure. For those who are not political junkies, a way to gauge how the battle is going, can be seen in who takes over as head of the RNC and which Representatives and Senators assume leadership posts in the congress. If social conservatives manage to take a majority of those posts, it means we will be hearing a lot more from and about Governor Sarah Palin in the months to come.

That’s my view yours may be different


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